I hate saying goodbye!

It's been over a year that we've been in the USA. I'm not used to being in the States that long. Usually it's just for a couple of months and then we head back home to Manila. I was commenting to Mayen the other day that it feels different this time because we got used to life in America. During the short visits, we feel more like tourists where everything is fun and exciting. This time we got to the point where things felt....well, normal. The daily rituals that we all have to do in order to live became routine for us. A quick run to Fred Meyer in the evening for half&half for mom's morning coffee, dropping by the post office, dinner at my sister Carolyn's house on Tuesdays, giving my mom a hug in the morning.... just living life together. Kind of like a comfortable pair of slippers that fit just right. Now suddenly that will all be gone. One day everything seems normal and the next day we're on an airplane and that reality disappears. You'd think by now I'd be used to this, having done it since I was a child but it still feels weird.

We've loved every minute of our time with our family and friends. We've finally been able to do more than say a rushed 'hello' in the back of a church. I won't deny it. It's going to hurt saying goodby this time.

We will be moving into many unknowns. A new country, culture, way of doing things, the many subtleties of how relationships, work in a new land, finding a place to live, learning how to work with new rules, where to shop for food, etc., etc.. Deep breath.... Jump!

It's a good thing we love adventure!

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