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Snowy Fairfield, Idaho!

We love our job. We get to travel and visit dear friends and encourage churches with what God is doing around the world. We had set up a trip to Idaho to visit family in Boise and a wonderful church family in Fairfield, a small farming community that has been a part of our lives for over 50 years!

January 18 we were scheduled to leave Newberg, Oregon for Idaho and we woke up to find that I-84 was closed from Troutdale to Ontario, Oregon. At first we were going to cancel the trip but then someone said there was another route, going South and taking Highway 20 through Bend, Burns and over the mountains to Idaho. We are not the type to be easily deterred so off we went. We made it fine with only a couple of times needing to use chains. Boise was great with my cousins and their family.

Potluck in Fairfield

The next day we drove up to Fairfield which is about 1 1/2 hours out of Boise, just below Sun Valley. Once we left I-84 at Mt. Home and drove up into the mountains, we entered a white world that was truly a winter wonderland.

The sense of a tight knit community is quite wonderful in this small farming community. After giving us the whole morning service, they put on an old fashioned potluck. I’m convinced that no one puts on a potluck like Fairfield Community Church! So while outside it was 5 feet of snow, inside it was the warmest of fellowship. We love our job!

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