December 2016

Mayen and I are back in Newberg, Oregon after a month long trip to California and Arizona and enjoying a season of time with family. My brother Jon and his wife Cher are here from Africa and my youngest sister LuAnne who also is a missionary in Africa, are here for a few weeks and my sister Carolyn is in Newberg as well. You can imagine how happy my mom is right now as it’s a rare thing for us all to be on the same continent, let alone sitting in the same room together! I’m not going to harp on this but I do want to let you know how you can give to the ministry of SWORD since the question has been asked by some. Investing in a ministry that is reaching thousands of people with the gospel is a way to become an active partner. It also really helps you to pray. There’s just another level of commitment that comes from investing financially. It’s also a way for you to transfer some of your earthly wealth into your heavenly account! And don’t let the amount be an issue! Literally any amount is a start. $5.00 is a lot better than nothing. $20 a month given over a year comes to $240. If 10 people did that it would amount to $2400 a year! That is how the work of the kingdom gets done. God uses His people, giving what they can. Then God multiplies it. Here’s a video that explains some of the ways you can become a part of what God it doing: Here are the three ways mentioned in the video: 1. Write a check out and mail it SWORD Productions, P.O. Box 1177, Newberg, Oregon 97132 2. Go to our website (a work in progress) and hit the “Give to SWORD” button. You’ll be taken to a page where you can sign up to give online, either a one time gift or a regular monthly gift. link to website: 3. Text-to-give. I think this is pretty cool. In the message line put any amount like $20. Then send the text to 84321. You’ll get a text back with a link. Touch the link and you’ll be taken to a page online where you will take about 2 minutes to do a one time set up. After that it will be automatic. There’s just one little step that you need to know. When you are on the page, SWORD Productions will not appear in the list because it only lists churches etc. that are near you. You’ll need to enter SWORD’s zip code in the search bar then you’ll see SWORD and can select it. The zip code is: 97132. That’s it for now. Stay tuned! More to come. Blessings, Steve and Mayen Cadd

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